Do We Really Want to Name Our Future Hockey Team the 'Seattle Sea Lions?'

Fierce? Not really. Thanks to commenter Kara Naomi Brown for the derptastic image/wake up call you see above.

The eternal struggle to get Seattle a way overdue NHL team of its own picked up steam recently—Vancouver BC real estate bajillionaire Victor Coleman has expressed interest in going in on a Seattle team, and already has the blessings of the league. He's also apparently been talking on good terms with Chris Hansen about making it a reality.

In a good amount of the articles about this recent development, I've seen writers jumping the gun and referring to the future team as the "Seattle Sea Lions" even though there are still a million options up in the air (a roundup of which you can check out here). This is all based on one team kit and logo concept some graphic design students made:

Personally, I'm not convinced the "Seattle Sea Lions" is the best name by a long shot. Sea lions don't immediately conjure up "Pacific Northwest" in my mind, although they do live here. Also, this opens up way too much potential for the creation of an unfortunate "ARF ARF ARF" chant. It would still be better than the Metropolitans though—I know the name has a history here, they won the Stanley Cup in 1917, but it is the most boring name in the world. Might as well call the team the "Seattle Urbanites" or "Seattle Cityfolk."

I'm still partial to the "Seattle Sockeye" or just straight up "Seattle Salmon." We could afford to get more fishy up in here.

I'd also be cool with the Seattle Sasquatches and Seattle Cascades.

Whenever the NHL team finally does happen, the city needs to host a giant forum at City Hall where we all politely shout at each other and hold our favorite logos in the air.

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