Seattle Weekly's sHItbARF Spew Map Cultural Heritage Project

Honoring and cherishing a local sHItTreasure.

sHITbARF was voted Best Graffiti Artist in the 2015 Best of Seattle Reader Poll. To view the other winners, go here.

As of 2015, sHITbARF has become as integral to the psychogeography of Seattle as the Space Needle or Mount Rainier. Like tasting the season’s first salmon or hiking through the Cascades, counting the sHITbARF tags that populate the alleys, street signs, and toilet stalls of our fair city is a Seattle birthright. The biodiversity of sHITbARF is astounding, both in its stunningly wide geographic reach and its dizzying array of variant morphologies.

Most Seattleites know the simple “sHITbARF,” a tag noble in its bold brusqueness and primal simplicity. But those of us in the field relish its rarer forms, the lesser-known, more complex offshoots of the sHITbARF evolutionary tree: “THE SHIT IS ALL bARF”; “SHIT some bARF”; “ERUPT SHIT SMOKE bARF”; “sHITbARF THE MOVIE”; or perhaps the rarest of them all: “SUPERCHILL DUPERTHRILL WORDSPILL TURDKILL sHITbARF sHITbARF sHITbARF sHITbARF.” To honor the beauty and diversity of these Seattle treasures, we mapped a sizable sampling of sHITbARFs—a field guide for the curious, and for future generations of sHITbARF enthusiasts.

In an attempt to preserve and record this distinct part of our city’s cultural heritage, Seattle Weekly asks that members of the community with their own sHITbARF photos and locations add to the map below (click the + symbol at the top right and enter in a location and photo), so that together we may compile the most accurate, living, breathing catalogue of every hidden sHITbARF this town has to offer. Happy sHItHunting.

Special thanks to I Love Shitbarf

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