Spray Paint Rampage In Mount Baker Neighborhood

Seattle Police say a prolific vandal - or possibly multiple vandals - defaced 31 cars and damaged several homes in Mount Baker Friday morning. Included in the nefarious handiwork was at least one depiction of a dick and balls (pictured), left on the side of a silver car - part of a mile-long path of defacement that also featured homophobic epithets and KKK symbols left in cursive.

Police say the call came in around 7:30 this morning, with a report that several cars had been vandalized overnight near Mount St. Helens Place S. and S. McClellan Street. Officers responded to find what’s described as “a one-mile trail of damage, stretching from Mt. St. Helens Place, down Cascadia Avenue S. to S. Dakota Street, ending near an elementary school.”

Police have posted a bunch of photos of the destruction here.

According to SPD uber-blogger Jonah Spangenthal-Lee, “The vandal (or vandals) left a series of paint blobs,messages—including homophobic epithets and “KKK”—scrawled in cursive, indecipherable symbols, and a crude picture of what might be the Seattle skyline on 31 cars, several garage doors and a retaining wall.”

Police say the case has been forwarded to detectives for investigation.

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