Twin Peaks Intro Reimagined As 8-Bit Nintendo Game

In 1990, when the wooded PNW weirdness of Twin Peaks was unleashed on the country, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was near the end of its shelf life. Seven months after David Lynch's pilot aired on April 8, the Super Nintendo was released, replacing the original Nintendo console.

The pixel artists over at Filthy Frackers, who recently created this 8-Bit grunge music video tribute, imagined what Twin Peaks might've looked like if it were turned into a NES game in the console's final days. Watch the pixellated majesty of Snoqualmie Falls, and listen to the chintzy chiming of Angelo Badalamenti's famous opening theme song.

This isn't the first vintage video game treatment the show has gotten—a fan made an Atari 2600 style game called "Escape From Black Lodge" where you play as Agent Dale Cooper running from his dopplegänger and, occasionally, an army of possessed armchairs.

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