Cops Break Up a Fight Club, But Was it Just One Guy Fighting Himself All Along?

The Millennial generation may be lazy, but at least they know the things worth getting riled up over: fight club.

Seattle police might’ve broken up some sort of teenage fight club at Golden Gardens over the weekend, according to the nation’s best crime blotter. According to the report:

“Officers...pulled into the park’s upper parking log just after midnight and spotted a crowd of about 40 juveniles cheering on a group of people fighting (although, spoiler alert, it might’ve been one person fighting themselves).”

Once the officers made their presence known via lights and sirens, the crowd made themselves scarce by scattering into the woods. According to the officers, no one ever came back out of the woods to collect their trash or the cars left in the lot after the park closed.

The blotter reports that police have received information that some teenagers were organizing a fight club in the Ballard area, but they’re unsure if that’s related or not. So maybe it wasn’t an actual fight club, but it’s a little more interesting if we pretend Edward Norton is running around Seattle causing mayhem.

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