Police Say Hawks Fans Have Been Well Behaved Thus Far

We already had a sense of this, but the Seattle Police Department said today that Seahawks fans have been well behaved during the two games they’ve sent in undercover officers dressed as fans of the opposing team.

During the preseason game against the Oakland Raiders and last week’s primetime showdown with their divisional rivals (and now divisional bitches) San Francisco 49ers, police “have broken up a few minor scuffles, but have not witnessed any major personal fouls.”

“Good job, everybody,” writes Jonah Spangenthal-Lee of the SPD Blotter Blog.

Still, they plan to keep at it, and will be at this Sunday’s game against Jacksonville dressed up in their “Cecil Shorts and Maurice Jones-Drawstring hoodies.”

Whether there will be any non-police-officers dressed up to root for the worst-team-in-history-? Jaguars is yet to be seen.

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