New PS4 Game Set in Seattle Is Turning the City into a Superhero Playland

If you’ve ever wanted to fly around Seattle and zap the Space Needle with lazer vision, you should be very excited.

Sucker Punch, a game developer in Bellevue, is digitizing the city for it’s new title Infamous: Second Son for PS4, coming out in February.

IGN has released side-by-side comparison shots of scenes from the game along with their real life Emerald city counterparts that are definitely worth checking out.

We’ve got some beautiful HD versions of the Space Needle, a faithful recreation of Elephant Car Wash (which will reportedly be selling copies of the game once it’s released) and an absolutely hilarious reimagining of The Crocodile, which has been turned into a sort of Las Vegas glitz palace.

In the Grand Theft Auto style sandbox game, you’ll be able to climb/fly on top of any of the landmarks, incinerate them, and hopefully fight Phoenix Jones in some sort of highly satisfying culminating boss battle.

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