Today In Dumbass Criminals: House Arrest Scofflaw Busted By High Tide

The criminal lifestyle rarely attracts the brilliant. This fact was put on display once again in Bremerton recently, according to the Kitsap Sun.

As Q13’s David Rose - a well-known bad guy hater - noted this morning, a man that should have been on house arrest was foiled by high tide in Bremerton, forced to call police to rescue him before being carted off to jail.

According to Q13 (which we’re citing because the Kitsap Sun has a paywall):

... a 44-year-old man was sent back to jail after police discovered he’d cut off his court-mandated electronic monitoring system when they went to rescue him from a rising tide. The man was on the beach near Olympic College in Bremerton when a rising tide stranded him out on a sandbar and he wasn’t able to make it back to shore. Realizing he’d eventually go under the water as the tide kept coming in, the man was forced to call police for help, the Sun reported.

Police arrived and aided the man as he made his way to shore. After helping him, they realized the man was slated to be under electronic monitoring for a DUI and driving with a suspended license. They asked him what he was doing outside, and the man admitted to cutting off his ankle bracelet midway through his home arrest sentence.

According to Q13 - again, citing the Kitsap Sun - the man was subsequently arrested and his sentence was increased.

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