McGinn Gets Bikers’ Nod

The Cascade Bicycle Club, who interviewed all of the major mayoral candidates, last night voted to throw its support behind Mayor Mike McGinn’s re-election effort. The nation’s largest bicycling club, with more than 15,000 members – 6,000 of them in Seattle – also endorsed McGinn in the general election four years ago.

“Mayor McGinn has shown bold leadership in making our streets safer for everybody, whether they drive, haul freight, ride transit, bike or walk,” said Craig M. Benjamin, the club’s government affairs director. “He recognizes that 60 percent of people in Seattle want to bicycle more, but they are not doing it because they don’t feel safe. So he has shifted our bicycling investments toward physically protecting bike lanes from speeding car traffic and building more neighborhood greenways – low-speed, low-traffic streets that are safer for families.”

Cascade also endorsed Sally Bagshaw, for Seattle City Council, Position #4; Richard Conlin, for Seattle City Council, Position #2; and Mike O’Brien – Seattle City Council, Position #8

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