Guest Picks: Ethan Stowell

The chef and restaurateur responsible for Tavolata, How to Cook a Wolf, Olives & Anchovies, Staple & Fancy, Bar Cotto, and Rione X111 shares his unequivocal Best of Seattle list.

Best Bakery: Café Besalu

Best croissant anywhere! No joke.

Best Breakfast: Wandering Goose

Who doesn’t want a fried-chicken biscuit for breakfast?

Best Brewery: Fremont Brewery

Really nice people, and the space and location are great!

Best Burger: Dick’s Drive-In

It’s Seattle tradition, and they sell great T-shirts.

Best Coffeehouse: Lighthouse

It’s never crazy busy and the coffee is amazing.

Best Cupcakes: Cupcake Royale

If I’m ever in trouble with my wife, a red velvet cupcake will cover my mistakes pretty well.

Best Farmers Market: Ballard

It’s the most spacious, and it’s very family oriented.

Best Fried Chicken: Bourbon & Bones

It’s not even open yet, but it’s the best.

Best Hot Dog: The Pen at Safeco Field

Cream cheese, melted onions, and pickled peppers on a dog is pretty damn great.

Best Sushi: Shiro’s

Shiro is the best chef working in Seattle, period.

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