Guest Picks: Alison Holcomb

Last year Alison Holcomb successfully led the statewide initiative campaign that legalized marijuana. She’s since returned to her job as the drug-policy director for the ACLU of Washington, but her future might hold more ballot victories, as she has hinted that she soon may run for political office. In the meantime, she cast her own ballot of bests for us.

Best Park: Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson has it all: a playground, playing fields, Teletubby Hill, pasty hipster sun-worshippers, bike polo, and the Rancho Bravo/Molly Moon combo meal. Thank you, Cal!

Best Bowling Alley: Acme Bowl (in Tukwila)

This is probably going to get me disqualified, but I have to say it’s like walking into a giant clubhouse, and the kids’ lanes have automatic bumpers. Very cool.

Best Movie Theater: Harvard Exit

I love the building.

Best Radio Station (Talk): KUOW

Sometimes coffee just isn’t enough to kick-start my brain in the morning.

Best Doughnuts: Top Pot (on Summit)

The doughnuts are almost as awesome as the staff, and they weigh three times as much. Each doughnut. All of the staff, combined. Seriously.

Best Pizza: Pagliacci (Broadway)

Between bites of pepperoni, our 5-year-old hands me my a** at Donkey Kong. I soothe my ego by creating yet another of the seven billion soda options offered by their fancy-pants machine.

Best Bookstore: Elliott Bay Book Co.

I want to live there, maybe in the castle in back? Please?

Best Thrift Shop: Value Village (pronounced VAL-yü v-LÄZH)

I still get compliments every time I wear a certain suit my husband picked up for me there, which tickles me. Twelve bucks, baby!

Hip-Hop Artist: Macklemore

“Same Love.”  ’Nuff said.

Best Bartender: Chelsea Anderson, Sun Liquor (on Summit)

She pours class in a glass with a healthy side of sass. Love you, Chelsea!

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