Best Pancakes: St. Clouds

I feel a little odd talking about the pancakes at St. Clouds when their Grandma Hazel’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake that comes with all brunch entrées is pretty much to die for. But their buttermilk pancakes truly do impress, managing to be dense and fluffy at the same time: a seemingly impossible task, evidenced by so many crappy pancakes served at breakfast spots where you’d expect them to be right on. (I’ve had more than enough that are either the consistency of cardboard or more like cake.) Plus, their maple syrup is rich and delicious. You can be really decadent and order their chocolate-chip pancakes like my daughter does, but with regular ones this good, why bother? I also appreciate having good pancakes in a non-diner setting. St. Clouds has a homey yet artsy feel, and lots of space to boot.

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