Best Headstones/Monuments: Lundgren Monuments

Morbidly enough, perusing through Lundgren Monuments might make you a little excited to die. Unsatisfied with the “shocking amount of mass-produced, poorly conceived, and plain ugly designs” in the death-care industry, Lundgren Monuments committed itself to producing beautifully designed headstones and urns in cast glass, granite, bronze, and stainless steel that will turn heads in the graveyard or on the mantle. Sometimes the work verges on conceptual art. The boutique’s Rest in Paper series features cardboard and paper-based urns and caskets that are all biodegradable. The work addresses one of the longstanding problems I’ve had with regular caskets—the inherent selfishness of preventing your body from providing nutrients back to the Earth once you’re gone. The paper series eloquently resolved that dilemma while also being impeccably designed. But hey, that’s just me, and that’s also the beauty of the store. They recognize that everyone in life is unique, so in death there should be an equally unique way of leaving a legacy—even if it means you don’t want to leave a trace at all.

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