Best Comic Shop: Zanadu

Superheroes are always looking out for the little guy. Zanadu does its best to imitate the heroes who populate the pages of their comics by doing the same. For indie comic-book artists and publishers, Zanadu offers some incredible deals. Accepting local comix with open arms, the Belltown-based shop offers consignments with a 50/50 split of the cover cost. Placed lovingly alongside regular big-hitting titles on the new-release shelf, the store also has a dedicated indie-comix section where customers can peruse panels created by local scribblers and scrawlers. It also denotes each and every small-press publisher release with special tags. But that’s not to say the place doesn’t carry your Batmans or Supermans: Pretty much each and every comic you could ever imagine resides within the “Excelsior!”-inducing store, including walls of collectibles and figurines.

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