Best Hardware Store: Pacific Supply Co.

Recently I went into Pacific Supply Co. to buy some giant 2x4’s with the intention of turning them into sawhorses for a project I was working on. When I asked the man at the front desk a) how I should saw the wood and b) where I could find a saw, he realized I might need some help. He took the wood to the corner of the store and offered to cut it to the lengths I needed. Ten minutes later, three store employees had turned the wood-cutting into a competition, seeing who could saw through the 2x4’s the quickest. The employees lined up and hacked away, yipping and shit-talking one another’s skills the whole time. Sawdust flew in the air as a circle of customers gathered to watch. It was sort of like when you accidentally flip on the lumberjack competitions on ESPN 4. Not only are the people at Pacific Supply Co. helpful and kind, they are competitively so. And damn, can they cut wood fast!

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