Best Contemporary Clothing Store: Craft & Culture

Favoring an edgy, gothic-chic aesthetic, Craft & Culture has done a stellar job of amassing a selection of brilliant independent designers, both local and international, in the short year and a half it’s been in operation. C&C’s founders, Jason Parker and Hana Ryan Wilson, cite their relationships with independent designers who were struggling to get work seen as a powerful motivator for opening the store. Under Parker’s direction, the shop has provided both a platform for emerging artists and an easily accessible resource for those seeking unique and affordable clothing and accessories. The Web-based format lends itself to storytelling in a way that a physical location never could, and Ryan Wilson’s background in the newspaper business informs her approach to retail, viewing the stories of the designers C&C showcases as equally important as the objects they produce. The store is built around the idea of exploring that narrative through lookbooks, interviews, and feature-length stories. It’s an inspired concept. The digital environment C&C has created makes the shopping experience more interactive, promotes discovery, and diminishes the space between maker and buyer. As they’ve only just begun, the future can only hold expansion for this innovative and original boutique.

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