Best New Art Gallery: Hard L

Unlike many sterile art spaces, Hard L is an inviting place. It was created with safety in mind—an arts refuge for “women and queers especially” to show their work. The Gallery’s foundational ethic was reflected in an early show, Queervoyant, intended as “A Queer Art Showcase About the Future,” which coincided with Pride week. One of the first shows—and it’s already looking forward. What’s great about Hard L is that even though its mission is serious, it’s not afraid to have a little bit of fun. Case in point: Dancing With Dummies, by Eve Cohen and Sonja Perterson. The show consisted of creepy, nightmarish dolls the two had stitched together from castoff materials like bra pads, spoons, and nylon mesh. On the Hard L website, the gallery’s creators all mug for the camera in grotesque handmade pig suits. Need I say more?

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