Best Web Comic: Broodhollow

Kris Straub is known around town for his hilarious webcomic Chainsawsuit, but for Best of Seattle it’s all about his other webcomic, Broodhollow. Less than a year old, Broodhollow is a horror comic that documents the life of Wadsworth Zane, a neurotic encyclopedia salesman. A strange turn of events takes Zane to the small and way-too-friendly town of Broodhollow, which has a holiday for everything and a history obscured in mystery. The series details Zane’s anxiety and superstitious nature while slowly revealing what is really going on in Broodhollow. The art is reminiscent of vintage ’50s comics, which adds depth to the story and draws the reader in, while the dialogue creates a mood that’s suspenseful yet lighthearted; even non-horror fans will enjoy it. Bits of darker art are scattered throughout, leading to questions about what’s real and what’s imagined by Zane’s anxious mind. If you like it, head over to Straub’s Kickstarter page; he’s raising money to make it into a physical comic book.

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