Best New Band: Week of Wonders

Shortly after his band Orca Team went on “indefinite hiatus,” frontman Leif Anders connected with the members of his new band through a love of books—and booze. “We played a couple gigs with the Torn ACLs and Tim [McClanahan], their bassist, was there at the last Orca Team show. He was super-drunk, and afterwards he came up to me and said, ‘If you ever need someone to play bass in Orca Team, I can do exactly what you guys are doing.’ I was like, ‘Dude, I play bass in Orca Team.’ What a dick!” But after picking up a guitar for his new project, he took McClanahan up on his word, and along with drummer David Dempsey—whom he’d met at Half Price Books—formed Week of Wonders, a “tropical punk” trio that blends Caribbean rhythms and peppy beats with guitar that sounds like a steel drum. After Orca Team’s well-received 2012 LP, Restraint, and a successful tour, his label, Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records, wasn’t happy (happy) that Anders decided to pursue a new group. But with its hopelessly blissful title track, the label produced the new 7˝ Piggybacks anyhow. Rough Trade hopped on to distribute the single in the UK, and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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