Best Hip-Hop Artist: Jarv Dee

Jarv Dee snaps off rhymes that roll and stutter like a snare line; his sinus-whine raps and wide-eyed projection bounce between and over the quarters, eighths, thirds, and everywhere between, creating advanced patterns with ridiculous ease. His knack for rhythm and cadence, viral hook writing, and boisterous personality are pinprick attention-grabbers on every track he’s featured on. As one-third of B.A.Y.B, one-quarter of Kingdom Crumbs, a frequent Nacho Picasso collaborator, and a proud representative of both the Cloud Nice and Moor Gang cliques, Jarv has racked up a sizable catalogue of fantastic, yet primarily slept-on, material. This, however, should be Jarv’s year. Riding high off last year’s buzzworthy solo debut Dopamine, he’s begun to release (and perform) product from its follow-up, Moor Bible: Book of Jarv, which thus far has been definitively next-level and worthy of an audience beyond our fair city. View his Uni Collective–shot video for “High Expectations” (so far the best local rap single of 2013) or catch him onstage, and see what the hype’s about.

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