Best Punk Band: FF

No, it’s not an abbreviation for Foo Fighters. But FF would probably have been friends with Dave Grohl and co. in the ’90s, though. Channeling Seattle’s grunge heritage and mixing it with Sonic Youth’s slackadaisical tendencies, FF is this year’s punkiest band of punks. Like all good punk bands, FF doesn’t waste your time. Its self-titled demo rips through three tracks in under nine minutes, each sounding like a classic. This is music for getting wasted with your long-haired hoodrat friends out at a tailgate party in an abandoned suburban parking lot. FF are great at making music that acknowledges the suckiness of being stuck in a teenage wasteland, but also shows how much a little bit of gnarly guitar can transport you straight out of the muck and the mire. And trust me, FF doesn’t skimp at all on the gnarly guitar.

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