Best Queer Band: Glitterbang

If Robyn and Peaches had the most club-ready baby in the world, it would be Glitterbang. This February, Joey Veneziani and Nicki Boedigheimer’s LP Occasionally, Love Is War shimmied its chrome butt out among the public and shook it hard enough that you couldn’t help but take notice. Best listened to with lots of neon and lasers surrounding you, the album features some of this city’s slickest, most body-rocking tracks, and will walk you up and down the dance floor without asking twice. Album opener “Witch Disco” ascends to Donna Summer levels of late-night glory, while “Set Us Up” mixes things up with an acoustic guitar-driven track that sounds like wearing your sunglasses after dark feels. The duo was a crowd favorite at its performance at this year’s Mo Wave festival, and is poised to rule the city’s dance floors.

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