Best Rock Band: Rose Windows

There’s a saying: Opinions about rock ’n’ roll are like assholes—everybody’s got one. Well, that’s a variation of the saying, but it’s true anyhow. With so many opinions weighing in, how exactly did hazy psych rockers Rose Windows bag the win this year? Listen to the band’s righteous Sub Pop debut, The Sun Dogs, and hear for yourself. A seven-piece ensemble garbed entirely in velvet, leather, and lace, the band has got that ’70s rock look down. The sound, somewhere among Porno for Pyros, Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter, and Black Sabbath, covers all the sonic bases. Gloomy tones and hypnotic beats meet Rabia Qazi’s bewitching vocals in a heavy, layered sound that gives the impression the septet has done a lot of drugs. It may or may not be true, but it’s damn good mystique, and that, my friends, is rock ’n’ roll.

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