Best Metal Band: Addaura

Addaura frontman Ryan Patterson has worked as a maintenance man at Cornish College of the Arts for 10 years. “I walk every day to work at 6 a.m.” Patterson says. “The city is beautiful at that time, it’s glowing orange and purple. The sun is rising, but the lights are still on.” “City Light,” the first track on Addaura’s excellent LP Burning for the Ancient, is named after Seattle City Light, the power company that makes Patterson’s walk so gorgeous. His ode to that urban scenery more than succeeds—“City Light” is a luminescent song that rises like the sun at dawn, slowly crescendoing and building until it shoots rays of light. It’s an amazing track, with expertly structured movements and a raw honesty that comes through in its brutal intensity. Addaura’s in-the-works EP . . . And the Lamps Expire comes from a darker place. After a recent divorce, Patterson sought therapy to deal with thoughts of suicide. “The EP title references [poet] Robert Howard’s suicide note. I was near that point in a couple of spots during this record. I was so close, I decided I needed help.” Thankfully, Patterson is doing better after seeking help, and is now looking for a label to release the EP. “I feel like after that, with this record I don’t have anything to lose. I can be totally honest.”

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