Best Tacoma Band(s): ILLFIGHTYOU

The T-Town music scene spurts in ebbs and flows. At times the gritty city to the south is chock-full of intriguing acts, bringing the handful of stages throughout the 253 to life and spreading beyond. At other times, all seems quiet, an eerie calm engulfing the city like a hangover after a night of drunken karaoke at Puget Sound Pizza. Currently, Tacoma’s music scene sits somewhere in the middle—quiet on some fronts, but not without its glimmers of intense activity. Take ILLFIGHTYOU, for instance, the rap trio comprising EvergreenOne, Ugly Frank, and Khris P that recently shot to notoriety on the back of the shock-and-awe value of its in-your-face self-titled debut. But according to Rev. Adam McKinney, a music writer for Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano, the hip-hop gut punch of ILLFIGHTYOU isn’t all Tacoma can hang its hat on. Asked about Tacoma’s best band, McKinney lists a handful of qualified applicants—People Under the Sun, The Fame Riot, Shadow Walker, Dungeon Science—but ultimately settles on the psychedelic folk of A Leaf. “Drawing inspiration from gentle ’60s psychedelia and baroque pop, A Leaf’s greatest strength,” according to McKinney, “is found in their impeccable harmonies and precise melodies.”

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