Best Accompanist: Andrew Joslyn

The way composer/orchestrator/violinist Andrew Joslyn uses a bow, it might as well be a magic wand, allowing him to weave orchestral instruments into various genres including folk, rock, hip-hop, and even dubstep in a way that’s unexpected yet at the same time makes complete sense. Whether he is supporting countless local musicians (including Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Budo, Sol, Mary Lambert, Eclectic Approach, and Cody Beebe & the Crooks) or sharing the spotlight on EPs with Lerin Herzer (2012’s The Girl and the Ghost) and Kris Orlowski (2012’s Pieces We Are), Joslyn adds depth and a contemporary feel to each song. Joslyn also performs with the Passenger String Quartet, for which he’s the manager, leader, and main orchestrator, and the Seattle Rock Orchestra. If that wasn’t already enough work to keep him busy for years, the Seattle native also earned a specialist certificate in music composition for film and TV, and composes film scores and video-game soundtracks. It’s a bit astonishing to browse through Joslyn’s portfolio and see how much he’s accomplished in the past few years alone. After hearing the magic he creates with his violin bow, though, it’s no wonder he’s so highly requested.

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