Best Musical Utility Player: Michael Harley Notter

Musicians are a notoriously flaky bunch, but guitarist Michael Harley Notter firmly does not fall into that camp. In fact, sometimes you might think he’s two people, because he goes by both Michael Harley and Michael Notter, and his projects—SHIM, Hannalee, and Motopony—keep him endlessly busy. His folk trio Hannalee, which he shares with his wife Anna-Lisa, recently wrapped up a four-part series of season-inspired EPs just as Motopony finished its second record and began work on a third. Though he says he’ll be focusing on that band for the rest of the year, he also contributes his wide talents—which include recorder, accordion, guitar, piano, and percussion—to the backing bands for Shelby Earl and fellow Motopony member Daniel Blue. So when does he sleep? With a baby due any day now, you can bet it won’t be that often. And with plans to attend Kansas’ Folk Alliance in February, “We might be a family band at that point,” Notter jokes. “We’re definitely going to give it a shot with a kiddo on the road.” Perhaps Junior will prefer the more tempered sounds of Dad’s music at the Church of the Apostles, where he sits in from time to time, too.

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