Best Festival: Mo Wave

When you have Double Duchess, Big Dipper, and Gaytheist all in one place, it’s pretty much impossible not to have fun. This year’s new queer music and arts festival, Mo Wave, was indeed mega-fun. Chop Suey booker Jodi Ecklund conceived the festival as a platform for queer musicians who don’t normally get the spotlight to show their stuff or start like-minded communities. It seems to have worked. “I definitely knew there was a need for it in the community,” Ecklund says. “I’m actually putting a tour together right now for Double Duchess, Magic Mouth, and Glitterbang, who all met at the festival. And then there’s Wishbeard. Producer Erik Blood saw the band at Mo Wave and is producing for them now. It opened up a lot of doors, which was really exciting for me.” Next year, Ecklund is hoping to lower ticket prices, expand the festival’s all-ages component, and hopefully snag gender-bending avant-rapper Mykki Blanco. Seattle is certainly ready for a little mo’ Mo Wave in the near future.

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