Best Hip-Hop Night: LoFi

Amid the boarded tenements and half-built condos on the fringes of the South Lake Union and Eastlake neighborhoods, you’ll find a core group of beatheads who don’t give a damn about your urban-development plan. These are sonic deconstructionists. Every Tuesday for the past seven years, the LoFi performance gallery has hosted a rotating cast of local DJs and experimental hip-hop/electronic producers, as well as finely chosen out-of-town guests. The two-room setup offers a living-room atmosphere in the front, complete with projected movie clips on the wall stage right of the DJ table, while the back room makes use of a sizable dance floor and elevated stage until last call. These are proving grounds in one sense, but mostly they’re low-pressure environments for selectors to stretch their legs, play self-made remixes and handcrafted beats, and blend cuts from across the ages. Listen to a sampling of their original work from last year’s phenomenal Stop Biting Beatmakers Compilation Vol. 1, then see them in action next Tuesday . . . and the one after.

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