Daniel Blue Goes Full Cult & RA Scion Gets Mystic in Gorgeous “Constant” Video

“Entranced with the mystics/Witch’s wisdom intrinsic in us” Seattle’s RA Scion spits as he Skyrim sneaks through the clandestine caverns of Orcas Island.

The newly released video for the first single, “Constant” off the rapper’s upcoming album, The Sickle and the Sword, is a gorgeous piece of chilled out Northwestern mysticism. The song seems to be a sort of vaguely pagan ode to the fall harvest. Buoyed by Daniel Blue of Motopony’s ghostly vocal sample, the tune urges listeners to “Be still/listen close to those wheat fields.” Blue, who recently bought his own church in Ballard to host shows that ended with a strange, elaborate moth costume, cements his status as a nascent cult leader in the new video, which finds him striking shaman poses in front of stained glass windows wearing an El Topo getup. Torches are lit, Red Riding Hoods sit atop white horses (literally, not the cocaine kind), and general woodland magic occurs.

The song is an exciting new direction for RA Scion, formerly of Seattle hip hop group Common Market. The Sickle and The Sword, appropirately enough, is due out on Halloween. Witch’s wisdom indeed.

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