About 20,000 in Washington Sign Up For Onerous Government Takeover of Health Care

Apparently not understanding John Boehner when he says Americans don’t want Obamacare, about 20,000 Washington families have enrolled in or applied for health insurance through the state’s health insurance exchange.

The exchange was created under the Affordable Care Act as a marketplace where health insurers -- following strict guidelines set forth in the health care law -- sell insurance plans with government subsidies based on the consumer’s income level. Those eligible can also enroll in Medicaid from the exchange; Medicaid was expanded under the ACA.

The heavy traffic Washington Healthplanfinder website received when it launched last week crashed the site. In one week, it received 2.5 million page views. By comparison, this slideshow of naked people being painted on only got 55,000 pageviews. In other words, health care is even more popular than soft-core porn. Isn’t that enough to end the government shutdown?

In a press release, the state says the site “has been working well” and is “showing further improvements every day.”

The Washington Post reports that Washington State is posting one of the highest enrollment rates in the country.

Starting Jan. 1, Americans will be required to have health insurance either through the exchanges or otherwise. Those who don’t will be forced to get gay married in a FEMA camp pay a small fine via their federal tax return.

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