Two-Way Protected 2nd Ave Bike Lane May Open Sept. 8, A Month Ahead of Schedule


Well this is unexpected.

The hotly anticipated protected two-way bike lane on 2nd Ave is apparently a month ahead of schedule, according to Publicola. The new lanes will allegedly debut Sept. 8 to accompany the soon-after launch of the city's bike share program.

The proposed route will run from Yesler Way to Pike St, separated from car lanes by reflective plastic posts and a parking lane. Yesterday, crews began installing bike-specfic traffic lights like the ones on Broadway's cycle lane, a new addition to the original plan that came thanks to our brand new bike-happy director of SDOT, Scott Kubly. Kubly, who formerly worked in Chicago, oversaw the installation of a nearly identical two-way protected bike lane in that city as well—check out this video of Chicago's Dearborn St. lane to get an idea of what our new lanes will look like:

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