Uncertainty Surrounds Blue Angels Seafair Performance; Backup Plan In Place

Might Seafair 2013 be Blue Angels-free? Although the Angels have officially canceled performances in April - thanks to sequestration-related budget cuts - Melissa A. Jurcan, Seafair’s director of sales, marketing & communications says looking into the future any further is purely speculatory at this point. Jurcan says Seafair is still hopeful to have the Blue Angels this year, calling the annual performance “an important tradition in Seattle.”

“The only news that has been released thus far is that the Blues have cancelled four April performances. No other cancellations have been announced at this time so it is speculation as far as other cancellations,” Jurcan tells Seattle Weekly. “I wish I could give you an answer on a timeline, but it is entirely in the hands of the US government.”

Jurcan goes on to say that if the Blue Angels do end up canceling on Seafair 2013, there is a backup plan in place - though no information on what the backup plan might be is available at this time.

“We are an event planning organization and have known this was a possibility since January. We do indeed have a back up plan,” says Jurcan.

“The Blues are an important tradition in Seattle but when put in perspective to the significance of all federal cuts, we understand the decision may be to cancel,” Seafair has said in a statement regarding the Blue Angels prospects at this year’s event. “In anticipation of this possibility, we’ve been working on alternative plans to ensure our celebration and traditions continue.”

While apologizing that more specifics aren’t available at this point, Jurcan points to a March 11 Facebook post on the Blue Angels’ page indicating the Blue Angels expect to perform “until told otherwise.”

From the Blue Angels’ Facebook page:

There are a lot of unanswered questions right now regarding the status of the Blue Angels 2013 air show season and practice schedule at NAS Pensacola, Fla. The Blue Angels continue to train with the expectation of performing until told otherwise. The team remains mission focused. We will keep you up-to-date if our status changes. Thank you for your continued support and flexibility. The team hopes to see you soon at your local air show.

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