Racist Threatens to Shoot Up Group of Arab-Americans. At the International Fountain.

A Seattle man was arrested late yesterday after allegedly telling a group of Arab-Americans he was going to get a gun and shoot them all.

To boot, the threats were made at Seattle Center's International Fountain, which debuted in its original form in 1961 to welcome international guests to Seattle for the World's Fair.

That sad irony aside, police say the 52-year-old white man initially approached the women in the group to ask them how many husbands they had “and similar demeaning questions,” according to the Seattle police blotter blog.

“The males in the group tried to intervene and asked the suspect to leave the group alone,” according to police.

“The suspect then took an aggressive fighting stance and told the males in the group that he was going to obtain a gun and shoot them all.”

They called 911, and police found the man nearby. He was booked on investigation of malicious harassment.

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