Sonic Boom Goes Bust, But At least We Got a Cover That’s a Collector’s Item

Remember that glorious day on January 23 when we thrilled readers across the Emerald Plain, cheering the return of our beloved Seattle Sonics?

Our very own Matt Driscoll was positively giddy, pouring cheap champagne all over his head as he read his evocative lead to wide, er, red-eyed, staff members:

“Two weeks of swirling and contradictory reports,” Driscoll’s pants-wetting dispatch began, “based on unnamed sources and cryptic public statements about the return of the NBA to Seattle came to a jubilant end on Monday as the sale of the Sacramento Kings to a publicity-shy investor became official.”

Fist-pumping words they were indeed, encased in an awe-inspiring green-and-gold cover of Sean Kemp planting a big sloppy one on a basketball, with the stirring caption below that read: “It’s Reigning Again!”

It’s a collector’s item, no doubt it, and for a limited time only this immortal cover can be yours for a mere 50 bucks -- and that’s a steal when you consider that a framed Chicago Daily Tribune “Dewey Beats Truman” is going for $150 on eBay.

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