It’s 2013, and This Guy is Defending the N-Word

Oh Idaho. Home of potatoes, Napoleon Dynamite, and that Knight of the KKK who wanted to run for sheriff.

Our neighbors to the East one-upped their claim as one of the country’s bastions for racial insensitivity yesterday in a column written for The Lewiston Tribune.

Written by a man who appears to be around 100+ years old, columnist Vic Deering makes a valiant attempt to stick up for famous butter goblin Paula Deen’s recent N-Word scandal. Check out some of his Aristotlean logic:

Well, I too have used the N-word on occasion. I may use it again for those youthful gangs in south Chicago who hold big communities in a state of siege - shooting innocent women, young boys and girls, babies or anyone who gets in the way of their drug-dealing activities. And I may for those tribes of people in central Africa who kill, loot and pillage their own kind, just maybe because they were born on the wrong side of a river.

Don’t worry guys! It’s okay to use the N-Word because all black people murder each other all of the time! Also, don’t peg ol’ Vic as a racist too quickly. He’s got mixed-race granddaughters he loves that he calls racial slurs too:

Now moving on. I have used the word “wop” a few times in my life, and I now have three beautiful and intelligent Italian granddaughters and am very proud of them.

I have used the words “spick” and “greaser” in the past and now have two half-Mexican great-granddaughters whom I love very much.

And to further clear his rap sheet, Vic reminds everyone that after his drunk German father sang Christmas carols in German in 1943, he got called a “kraut,” and just “take[s] it with a grain of salt.”

Oh, the plight of German Americans, truly one of this country’s most downtrodden classes.

To read the rest of Vic Deering’s enlightening look into the mind of living racist fossils, click here. I’m sure the Lewiston Tribune loves letters to the editor almost as much as Vic Deering loves his granddaughters.

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