Facing Drug Suspension, Seahawks’ Walter Thurmond Rips Haters on Twitter

By now Seahawks fans have probably heard the news that cornerback Walter Thurmond is facing a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. For a team that’s now the favorite in Las Vegas to win the Super Bowl, it’s disappointing news to say the least. And, apparently and predictably, some fans have taken to Twitter to voice that disappointment.

While Thurmond appears to be owning up to the mistake, he hasn’t taken kindly to the amount of “hate” he’s been subjected to via social media for the alleged transgression. Yesterday and earlier today Thurmond went the 140-characters route to chide the haters - which, it should be noted, never ends up coming off very well.

Below is a screen grab of Thurmond’s Twitter timeline:

While we agree with Thurmond that Twitter is full of asshole trolls, ripping the character of these trolls on Twitter fresh off the news that you’ve violated the league’s substance abuse policy isn’t a very good look.

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