Sally Clark Doesn’t Want to Play Chess with Tacoma

Sally Clark doesn’t want to play chess with Tacoma City Councilmember Marty Campbell. Apparently, Clark’s not alone: neither does anyone else on the Seattle City Council ... even to promote International Chess Day, which is this Saturday (now you know).

This shocking development comes to us via Kate Martin and The News Tribune in Tacoma. According to Martin’s reporting, Campbell - a generally likeable T-Town political figure who rose to prominence as the owner of local music and video rental stores - recently sent Clark a super-official Facebook message challenging her or anyone on the City Council she leads to a chess match. Campbell, along with being a former high school state chess champ, is the director at-large of the Washington Chess Federation. He tells Martin he wanted to stage a promotional match with a member of Seattle’s City Council to help hype International Chess Day.

Perhaps wisely, according to Martin’s story, Clark wasn’t biting

From The News Tribune:

Perhaps to preserve her city’s honor, Clark turned him down. She told Campbell she played at a grade-school level and didn’t know if anyone else on her council played.

Sometimes the only winning move is not to play.

Clark then suggested a different opponent.

“You should try (state Attorney General) Bob Ferguson,” she wrote.

Apparently Ferguson has a reputation as a tough opponent.

The News Tribune indicates Campbell has yet to officially challenge Ferguson. He has, however, issued an open challenge to anyone interested in facing off against him. According to Martin, you can schedule a friendly competition with Campbell by calling or e-mailing his City Council office at 253-591-5166 or

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