Dick-Move of the Week: Boeing CEO Jim McNerney

In 2012, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney took home nearly $27.5 million in annual compensation. The staggering number marked a 20% increase from a year earlier. Oh, and the value of his pension rose by nearly $1.81 million. If he retires right now he’ll get $265,575 a month. Despite a few fiery 787 batteries, the business of plane building has been very good – and very profitable – for Boeing and ol’ Jimbo of late.

But that’s not good enough. McNerney and Boeing have grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle few of us can even fathom, and apparently – in the CEO’s mind - the continuation of this lifestyle depends on screwing over the very workforce that makes it all possible. Citing a need to stay “competitive,” and threatening like spoiled schoolchildren to take 777X work elsewhere if they didn’t get what they wanted, McNerney and his well-compensated Boeing henchmen tried to cram a contract extension down the throat of Boeing machinists that would have frozen their pensions, gouged their benefits and greatly limited their pay raises. Capitalism, we’ll call it ... though other – less flattering - names come to mind.

As you know, the Boeing machinists predictably rejected the aerospace giant’s deal, and now the entire state is left in limbo – playing economic chicken with a ridiculously wealthy man who just plain hates unions and is willing to risk the fate of his company’s newest plane to make a point. As Timothy Egan wrote in the New York Times, “What Boeing wants is very simple: to pay the people who make its airplanes as little money as it can get away with.”

So fuck Jim McNerney. Dude is just plain terrible. For the conscienceless negotiation tactics of the company he leads, he’s the rightful recipient of Seattle Weekly’s very first “Dick-Move of the Week” award. He’s certainly earned it – unlike that pension or annual compensation package.

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