VIDEO: Watch Wednesday’s Crazy-Ass Hit-and-Run Unfold

According to Brett Cihon of Q13, the video above shows a portion of the bizarre hit-and-run-turned-failed-car-jacking that Seattle Police say resulted in the arrest of a 36-year-old man earlier this week.

On Wednesday the melee was described by Seattle Police via the agency’s “Blotter” blog:

The incident appears to begin in West Seattle. For unknown reasons a man entered a nursing home, knocked everything off a counter, pushed a walker at an employee and then proceeded to drive away recklessly. According to the 911 caller, the man was driving on the sidewalk and was involved in a hit and run collision.

Next, the suspect was involved in at least one hit and run collision near Mercer Street and Dexter Ave North. The suspect was then spotted on Capitol Hill and was involved in at least one hit and run collision there as well as another in the International District.

Eventually the suspect made his way into the South Precinct where he finally ditched his car. Using a knife he attempted to car-jack someone, but failed. Officers located the man and took him into custody near Martin Luther King Jr. Way South and South Walden Street.

Here’s what YouTube user GhostOfStarmanSuper, who uploaded the video, has to say about it:

The suspect drove southbound on Boren Ave, struck Yellow Cab #730 turning left onto westbound Pine Street, and then fled the scene. Incident occurred at 2014.08.06 around 1530-1535 hours. I witnessed this collision while riding my bicycle eastbound on Pine St.

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