Brief Encounter and a Lesson About Breakneck Sex

More than two years into writing the Sexy Feast column, I learned of a Bellevue cafe called Brief Encounter. Brief Encounter? I haven't had one this easy since I spotted Big Wong restaurant in New York.

Brief Encounter, open since 1957, is a popular Eastside joint open daily from 7am to 2pm. So, yes, it's breakfast and lunch, with no dinner.

In early, I ordered Green Eggs and Ham, going for the pesto flavoring in the scrambled eggs. I combined this with home fries and toast with butter and jam. While this would have been plenty, I was in a voracious mood, so I doubled down on the carbs and asked for a pancake just to check the flapjackability of the restaurant. Everything was just okay. The food came quickly, and in terms of flavor, I had no real complaints, but nothing was worth a wow.

So what does Brief Encounter teach us about sex?

It's all about the quickie.

Especially with people waiting for tables, my stay at Brief Encounter wasn't long. Nor is a sexual quickie.

So, quickly, what's the attraction of a quickie? While it can certainly be planned, a quickie is often impulsive, with great potential for instant gratification. And while it will be far from breaking records in terms of marathon love-making sessions, a quickie can be a fast way of showing desire for someone, perhaps even making love last in a relationship. Why? Well, the quickie can add variety in time, location, and positions for sex.

It's often daring, as you do it while away from the kids ever-so-briefly, or when likely to be late for work or some other commitment. Moreover, quickies are often public, like in the office, the car, the airplane bathroom, or maybe the elevator.

You might put yourself at risk of an injury, and you might not reach orgasm (have the lube ready, as there's no time for foreplay), but a quickie can be good for a laugh or a workout. Or perhaps as a tease for more play later.

And that's a quickie about quickies. They're essentially the fast food of sex, though in both sex and food, you may prefer ultimately prefer low and slow.

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