Hot, Lukewarm, or Freezer-Burned? With Brian Clevenger

Each week we ask a pro what’s hot, lukewarm and freezer-burned in the food world. This week’s guest: Brian Clevenger, chef at Tavolata .

HOT: Washington seafood, Neah Bay’s in particular. Neah Bay is about 160 miles north of Seattle, and is home to the best halibut, king salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, steelhead, black cod, ling cod, Dungeness crab, and more!

LUKEWARM: Craft-cocktail bars. Don’t get me wrong—I enjoy a great crafted cocktail too. But their popularity is making one of my favorites, the Moscow Mule, into a $14 cocktail. After work I’ll stick to a cold $4 Tecate!

FREEZER-BURNED: Bad barbecue. I like great barbecue as much as the next person! But please, stop serving dry shredded pork with overly spicy sauce. Also (you may want to sit down for this) . . . just because it’s cooked on a grill doesn’t automatically make it barbecue.

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