Hot, Lukewarm, or Freezer-Burned, With Meeru Dhalwala, Owner of Shanik

Each week we ask a pro what’s hot, lukewarm and freezer-burned in the food world. This week’s guest: Meeru Dhalwala, Owner of Shanik

Hot: Creative, respected new versions of the pigeon-holed cheap ethnic cuisines. We need some cool Burmese, Cambodian, Colombian and Ukrainian restaurants. Actually, Ukrainian food goes beyond perogies and is just a wonderful and elegant cuisine.

Lukewarm: Kale. Even though I love kale and serve it all over the place, there are way more green leaves out there for us to love. The next hot green is going to be broccoli stalks.

Freezer-Burned: Eating at your desk. Especially eating greasy junky food or tasteless healthy food at your desk. You end up not chewing properly or even tasting. For me, this is the same ambiance as eating while you’re sitting on the toilet--trying to get two important things done at once while both need their own separate time. Doesn’t have to be fancy--just not your office desk.

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