Art of the Table's 'Big Gulp' Gaffe?

The beloved, ultimate farm-to-table restaurant Art of the Table has been getting a lot of press lately--but not the good kind. First, a picture of a pig was stolen from their restroom. More recently, they've taking the heat over a skirmish with a regular customer. Apparently, Jennifer Muscatel McLeod and her family came in for a $400-plus meal without their usual arsenal of cokes. Ronspies has supposedly blessed their bring-your-own soda habit in the past. But when they forgot them this time and asked a server where they could procure them quickly, they were told to try a nearby 7-11. But Ronspies wasn't pleased about having Big Gulps in his dining room--and berated them on social media later that night. McLeod has vowed never to come back to the restaurant despite Ronspies' apology, removal of the offending remarks and the offer of a gift certificate.

Who do you think is at fault here?

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