The Weekly Dish: Cherry and Basil Shaved Ice at Little Uncle

Cherry and Basil Shaved Ice at Little Uncle

Forget ice cream and fro-yo. The best icy treat this week is Little Uncle’s shaved ice in Pioneer Square—seasonally updated with plenty of big chunks of Rainier and Bing cherries. Layered into the ice, which is pulverized by an antique ice-grinding machine the owners bought in Thailand—green with a gold dragon on it—are the cherries, their sweet juice, and the sweeter condensed milk. Topping it all off are tiny basil seeds. Asian shaved ice is usually too cloyingly sweet for me, but the addition of cherries here gives it a slightly sour edge. Get one while you can; owner Wiley Frank can’t commit to its being on the menu next week, though he says that of course cherries will still be in season.

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