Embattled City Light CEO Calls Press Conference On Eve of Three-Day Weekend

There are bad stretches, then there’s the month that Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco has had.

Back in May, there’s a good chance that most Seattleites couldn’t have picked the city’s highest paid employee out of a photo lineup. These days, you can’t seem to go 24 hours without a new bit of bad news or bad PR surfacing about the embattled exec. He’s lied. Been cheated. Been beat up in the press (deservedly). Not to mention denied a hefty raise and punted around like a “political football.” Dude is bruised.

So it will be interesting to hear what Carrasco has to say this afternoon at 2 p.m. when the head of City Light faces the glare of cameras and the stinging questions of blood-thirsty reporters. It comes as no surprise that the press conference was called today, the afternoon before the start of the three-day Fourth of July weekend - a time when City Light probably hopes most will be turning their attention to what goes on the grill tomorrow and not who the press is grilling.

According to a release announcing the “media availability,” Carrasco will discuss “recent events and his leadership of the utility going forward.”

That ought to be good. Happy holiday!

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