Best of Seattle: Prepared Item from Seafood Market

Besides obscure Japanese candies, exotic produce, and aisles and aisles of Asian sauces, snacks, and other unfamiliars, Uwajimaya is also known for its seafood counter. Though I’m typically not a fan of pre-marinated meats and seafood from groceries, I make an exception for the black cod in the kasuzuke marinade. Also available to buy on its own, it consists of sake, sake kasu (a by-product of the sake-making process) mirin, brown sugar, and miso, and brings a distinctly Asian “umami” flavor, with a sweet note from the brown sugar. They recommend (and I second it) that you scrape off the marinade before broiling (four to five minutes on each side). It browns nicely—even caramelizes—and tastes like something you’d be served in a Japanese restaurant.

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