The Weekly Dish: Westward’s Emmer-Farro with Nectarines and Chevre

A lot to love at Westward and this is no exception.

There’s a lot to love at Westward—much of it seafood. But I just tried one of their vegetarian menu staples that gets slight seasonal updates. Their Bluebird Grain’s emmer-farro was served with grilled nectarines and chèvre, and the combination was lovely. If you’re already a farro convert like me, I don’t have to sell you on that yummy, toasty, ever-so-slightly crunchy grain. But while I tend to find it in flavorless combinations, this one, with its musky stone-fruit sweetness, creamy chèvre, and olive oil, lends wholesomeness just the right amount of decadence. You’ll be wanting bread to sop up every last drop. Also, this seems like a simple dish to replicate at home.

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