Ever Wonder What Food Washingtonians Tweet About Most?

We’re pretty sure you’ve never given this a moment’s thought, but researchers at the University of Arizona certainly have. With apparently nothing to do, and realizing that there are no longer any worthwhile studies left to do in the world, the research team perused some 3.5 million tweets with food hashtags that were taken from Twitter’s API between October 2013 and May 2014.

The purpose of the study, according to the website First We Feast, was to determine whether people’s hashtags and what they chat about on Twitter about their food preferences might convey some tasty morsels of information about their community and health, such as their likelihood of diabetes, or perhaps their weight. And yes, even their political preferences. For example, Democrats tweet a lot about vegan food and things they eat at brunches or get from the deli counter, while Republicans are all about lunch and snacks.

In Washington, we tweeted most about halibut. That seemed to make sense, sort of like Texans and their abiding love affair with brisket, or that Wisconsinites favor sauerkraut, spuds for Idahoans, while tamales was the tweet sensation in Arizona – and, course, caviar was most tweeted about among Californians. But soy sauce in Montana, and sauerkraut in Nevada? And what’s up with Alaskans’ tweeting up a storm about herb tarragon?

Click here to see the full map.

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