Pot Doc Outed by Seattle Times Finally Has License Suspended

The naturopathic physician outed by The Seattle Times as being waaaaaay too generous with his medical cannabis authorizations at HempFest 2011 has had his license suspended.

Dimitrios Magiasis saw 110 patients the day he unwittingly became the subject of a Times piece showing its innocent readership how easy it is to get a green card. Magiasis authorized medical weed for 109 of those patients, spending about 15 minutes per patient in what the state called an “assembly line.”

All that and about 19 months later, Magiasis has been fined $5,000 and must wait four months before applying to get his license back.

He will be on probation for four years if he returns to practice. During his probation, he’s barred from authorizing medical marijuana.

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